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Baked Almond Chicken Strips


Quick, easy, delicious, versatile, and a whole lot better for you than KFC. Yep, I’m sold!

Thanks to my newly-health-conscious sister, I have been introduced to this wonderful recipe by a fellow blogger, Dara, from Generation Y Foodie. This is a fantastic little recipe, perfect for lunch, dinner, or even those ‘plates to share’ for BBQs and family gatherings.  Love it, love it, love it. And I bet you will too. Nice one, Dara!

Intruder alert: OMG They’re NOT Paleo!



Fair warning to any die-hard Paleo-istas…This one’s in the ‘Oh-My-God-It’s-Not-Paleo’ camp!  I don’t know who first realised that soaked beans can be a substitute for flour in baking, but I would really like to give them a great big hug. The first time I ate a cake made from beans I was shocked because it’s downright delicious and (I think) a far nicer treat than the traditional gluten/sugar filled version, particularly for anyone trying to minimise or eliminate grains from their diet.  Click here for more information and the full recipe.

Raspberry-Lemon Cheesecake Smoothie


So I’ve mentioned in a previous post (Green Alkalaid Juice) just how much I love recipes by The Blender Girl (aka Tess Masters), and this one has to be top of the list. It’s a winner EVERY time. Yes, it’s a desert shake but did that stop me having it for lunch? Heck, no!!  Here is Tess’ recipe, straight out of her book ‘The Blender Girl’.  This is Happy Eating at it’s best.

Paleo Nachos with Sweet Potato Crisps


So I was having a dinner dilemma a few nights ago (cue lots of sighing, looking forlornly in the fridge, finger-tapping etc etc) and am now sending out a ginormous thank you to The MerryMaker Sisters (I LOVE those girls!) for bringing me back from the brink with their Instagram post for Healthy Nachos with Parsnip Chippies.  I’ve made Parsnip chips before and they are GORGEOUS. But with nary a Parsnip in sight at my local fruit and veg store or supermarket, it was time to substitute instead with the Gold-Standard-Paleo-Potato-replacement: the humble sweet potato.  And because I can never cook a recipe as it reads, I’ve made a few adjustments of my own and here are the results.  Happy Eating x

Double Choc Banana Muffins


Well helloooooooo my little bundle of goodness. My motto is that any recipe with ‘Double Choc’ in the title deserves to be baked and eaten right on the spot, and this is no exception. The extra chocolate in the middle is infinitely better when it’s melted.

This recipe is just a minor modification of my Banana Cinnamon Chocolate Mini Muffins – Add a (big) tablespoon of Cacao Powder and lose the cinnamon.  Here is full recipe.  Enjoy!