Why the Blog? Happy Reading and Happy Eating ;-)

So here we go, let the journey begin! Why did I start this blog? For a few reasons really:

  • I love food. I mean I seriously LOVE food. I spent many years eating all the wrong foods and (I must say) had a VERY nice time travelling here-there-and-everywhere having a bit of a culinary smorgasbord along the way. But after my son was born, and after the onset of some major health issues, I had to have a serious rethink about the way I approached food. I’m talking daily battles with arthritis to the point where I had to hold on to the wall just to walk down the corridor; IBS; food intolerances; major brain fog and lethargy. Not great news for a new mum. Step 1 was embracing Gluten-Free eating, and that only got me so far; so I went Paleo and subsequently lost a lot of weight (and inflammation) by changing my diet in combination with a regime of supplements from an excellent Naturopath. Throughout the process of changing my lifestyle (I call it a lifestyle change because it really is a complete shift in thinking as well as eating) I had plenty of family and friends asking what I was doing, what I was eating, why I was doing it etc, and to send them recipes. So instead of repeating myself, it seemed sensible to just start a blog and direct people there for musings on all things food.


  • Reading about food, digestion, the gut microbiome etc takes up most of my (very limited) spare time. I have a background as a Registered Nurse (although it’s been years since I voluntarily had a career change) and a keen interest in Naturopathy, so understanding the science behind good eating is important to me. There is a lot of conflicting information being published so, in order to make an informed decision on what’s best for one’s own eating habits and lifestyle, it’s not rocket science to say it’s important to gather as much information as possible from a wide variety of sources. Whether that be from experts, bloggers, other parents etc – it all counts towards making the right decisions based on your own life and your own health. Hopefully with this blog, I can help others to start asking more questions about what they eat, how they eat it, and so on, and decide for themselves what is going to work for them.
  • It’s time to break the brain drain! I’ve been a mum for nearly 3 years now, and (just like most other mums who give up full-time work) the brain drain is sucking the life out of me – I’m talking SERIOUS mushy mess up the top. Lyrics to the wiggles songs, counting games, and all sorts of ridiculous noise-making come completely naturally. But when it’s time to have a normal conversation or sit down and write something, it feels like the neurones have gone on strike. Looking back at the various jobs I did in the past leaves me wondering ‘How did I do that?’ – I was a busy little bee in various jobs where I was in charge, organising people and spitting out communications left, right and centre. And I LOVED it. So how on earth did I wind up with complete writers block and feeling like I’ve got the vocabulary of a 4 year old? A confession here – it’s taken me MONTHS to get this blog started. The keyboard has been laughing in my general direction and while my fingers lag over the keys all I can think of is “When did this brain turn to Mush-Moo?”. Time to shake things up and lose the procrastination bug!


  • Well heck – Every body else in the world can write a blog, so why can’t I? It seemed a bit daunting at first, but as a good friend said recently – ‘Just Do It!”. No truer words were ever spoken.


  • So as I said, I LOVE food. Turns out I’m not as good at ‘staying on the wagon’ as many other people on Paleo seem to be. In fact, there’s been moments when I’ve fallen off the wagon in SPECTACULAR style straight into a ginormous puddle of crappy food (read Sugar and Carbohydrates) and played splash-splash metaphorically smearing sugar syrup from head to toe…..you get the picture. I have a theory that keeping a blog will keep me vaguely honest and stop me from falling off the wagon quite so often and in quite such spectacular style. One can always dream…


  • There’s an SLR Camera sitting in my cupboard that’s lonely, depressed and dusty. He needs an outing. Pre-children, it got plenty of use but, alas, life has interrupted the leisurely pursuit of photography. Food photography was always an interest, so it’s time to welcome the SLR back into the world and remember what an F-stop is (and no, for those non-photographers, it’s not a swear word!).

So there you have it, that’s why you’re reading this blog…Now it’s time to get started! Here’s to Happy reading and Happy eating!

Best Wishes

Catherine xx



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